R+M: A Love Story

Margaret Reeson. (2021). R+M: A Love Story. Purple Lemon Creative: Adelaide.

Price: $30.00 each plus $10 postage for up to 3 books.

To order: Email margaretreeson@gmail.com

For many years, Margaret Reeson
has been writing the stories of
other people, thinking about their
relationships, motivations, struggles
and faith. When the time was right,
Ron and Margaret said, ‘We have a
story, too.’ Theirs is a story of love,
expressed in a number of dimensions
and contexts.


Margaret and Ron’s story is an inspiring account of their loving partnership in life
and ministry over more than fifty years together. It is a beautifully written account
of their faithfulness to Christ and the call of God on their lives. Their courage
and willingness to carefully discern the Spirit’s leading, ensues in remarkable
adventures. Woven through their story are the stories of others who contributed
richly to their lives and became lifelong mentors and friends. Alongside their
personal stories are the encouraging accounts of the growth of churches in Papua
New Guinea and the Methodist and Uniting Church in Australia.
Margaret and Ron offer insights into cross-cultural ministry, formation in
Christian faith and the transformative power of education. Their story is told
with warmth, humour, and humility. It is moving to witness their deep love and
respect for those with whom they have served in ministry. The church and wider
communities have been deeply blessed by their many gifts, so generously offered.
Dr Deidre Palmer, Past-President (2019-2021) Uniting Church in Australia Assembly

A shy young man, with a seemingly impossible love, keeps a fragile connection
open over five years, until fair lady thousands of kilometres away realises the
constancy of his love. I was intrigued. As this tenuous filament grew stronger
and stronger, God was drawing this couple into leadership, first in one of the
great missionary movements of people in the 20th century, and then secondly
in Australia’s new Uniting Church. This direct and realistic love story unfolds
in a way that lets the reader in on the hopes, issues and dramas of two churches
in two nations grappling with vital matters of our time.
Rev Professor Dean Drayton, President of the UCA (2003-2006)

Price: $30.00 plus $10 postage for up to 3 books

To order: Email margaretreeson@gmail.com

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