My books include historical fiction, biographies and histories. Some are available as audio-books and e-books.

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R + M: a love story

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Margaret and Ron’s story is an inspiring account of their loving partnership in life
and ministry over more than fifty years together… Their courage and willingness to carefully discern the Spirit’s leading, ensues in remarkable adventures. Alongside their personal stories are the encouraging accounts of the growth of churches in Papua New Guinea and the Methodist and Uniting Church in Australia… Their story is told with warmth, humour, and humility.
Dr Deidre Palmer, Past-President (2019-2021) Uniting Church in Australia Assembly

Currency Lass

In the convict colony of New South Wales, this recreation of Australian-born Mary Hassall’s life is a story of raw courage, hope and disappointment. (More).

Whereabouts Unknown

In late June 1942, over a thousand men were taken from an internment camp in Rabaul, PNG. They were never seen again. This is the story of the wives and families who waited. (More).

A Very Long War

Tells of the experiences of the families of men missing in the New Guinea islands during World War II. When all Australian women and children were evacuated from New Guinea, they were suddenly alone and responsible for their families. (More).

Certain Lives

Spanning the century from 1830 to the First World War and the Great Depression comes this is the story of three generations of Australian women. (More)

Pacific Missionary George Brown

George Brown, missionary, was a man of some notoriety, as well as being a peace-maker. His contribution is remembered and continues to influence churches in the Pacific region. (More).

Live Peace

Joy’s work with Young Ambassadors for Peace transforms and saves lives. She has spent a lifetime building peaceful communities in areas damaged by generations of conflict. (More).

A Singular Woman

Born in 1862 in Samoa, with few choices, Lizzie Brown had the courage to be different – one of the first women to graduate from the University of Sydney. (More)

Torn Between Two Worlds

This book examines the effect of Christianity on the local people of the Mendi region in Papua New Guinea. (More).

No Fixed Address

The story of the Reverend Noreen Towers’ 25-year commitment to the destitute and homeless of Sydney. (More).

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