The small girl was excited. The shape of the birthday gift suggested that it might be a new book. And it was!

Years later, now as a woman in my eighties, a new book still brings joy. Books on family shelves and the bookshelves of friends, in libraries and bookshops, books to read and later books to write. Attempts to write my own stories began as a child and I discovered the joy of trying to use words to paint a picture and tell a story.

1970 Multitasking with small child

In my early twenties, as a young teacher, I travelled in 1961 to the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. I worked for the Methodist Church as school teacher and then as Christian Education worker with special interest in youth, village women, literacy and translation. Here was an amazing world of communities who were only just learning that another world, the rest of the planet, existed beyond the high mountain ranges that ringed their valleys. Every day was an adventure. I was bursting to share the stories of everything that I was witnessing.  I wrote – many letters, short articles and then my first book. That led to an invitation to write short booklets on historical figures for a syllabus in Papua New Guinea schools. This introduced me to a fascination in history, and church history in particular. By the time I returned to live permanently in Australia in 1978 I knew that, if possible, I wanted to write more.

Since moving to Canberra in 1979, now with husband Ron and three children, my world has been made up of a number of spheres of interest. A rich family life. Engagement with my Uniting Church community  at local, regional, State and national level through committees and Boards, including a term as Moderator of Synod of NSW&ACT (2000-2002) and serving as Chair of two UCA Assembly (national) committees. I have had a continuing connection with my former interest in Pacific communities and cross-cultural action, through church life and community development. Opportunities for travel, often well off common tourist routes.

And writing. It was many years before I gained the confidence to put ‘Writer’ in the space marked ‘Occupation’ on forms. Since my first published book in 1972, I have produced another ten published books, nineteen chapters in other published books, a Master’s thesis in 1996, plus a range of articles, academic conference papers, studies, liturgical material and private family histories.

This site introduces this writing. It has been organised into books, history and worship services, including studies for groups.



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